2014 Pacific Rim Championships

The Pacific Rim Championship: The Conclave of Light

A Story Price for the L5R CCG

As the new Conclave of Light, the grouping of all five Oracles of Light, is created, the Oracles meet to discuss the affairs of the Heavens and of men for the first and last time. This conclave is rare in the extreme, happening once every few centuries at the most, and is among the most significant events of any generations time, from the perspective of shugenja who study such things.

The winner of this tournament may select any one human personality affiliated with their Clan to bear witness to the Conclave of Light and to be the granted a fraction of the wisdom imparted to the Oracles of Light by their masters, the Elemental Dragons.

For more information on the tournament itself, check out the official AEG forum thread.

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