2014 World Championship Story Prizes

World Championships 2014 Main Event: Regent to the Throne

A Storyline Event for the L5R CCG

The Emerald Empire is a troubled land. Reports have reached the Imperial City of thedifficulties that have recently arisen within the Colonies, with the forces loyal to the two sons ofthe Divine Empress taking up arms against one another in an attempt to secure the dominance of their chosen scion. The Empress Iweko I is troubled by these accounts, having forestalled the declaration of her heir in an attempt to prevent jealousy or resentment from fostering in the breast of either of her sons, but now it is clear that the alternative is little better for the Empire.

Toward that end, the Voice of the Empress has declared that the Imperial personage will spend the Winter Court season in seclusion, contemplating the matter of which son will succeed her upon the throne of Rokugan. As she secludes herself, the Divine Empress has one final command for one samurai most loyal to her throne: rule in my absence.

The winner of this tournament may select any one samurai from his faction. This samurai will be hand-selected by the Divine Empress to rule as Imperial Regent during her period of seclusion. For the duration of Winter Court, this character will wield the power of an Emperor. How it is used, what the ramifications of such use are, remain to be seen, and will be shaped to a large extent by the nature of the samurai chosen by the winner.

World Championships Second Chance: Something Wicked…

A Storyline Event for the L5R CCG

Even in the most prosperous of times, there are dire omens that must be heeded. In Rokugan, there is one omen that is darker than all others, one sign that causes the faithful to rush to shrines and temples and pray to their Fortunes and ancestors of choice for guidance and protection. There is one portent that is so dire that there can be no room for interpretation, but instead its presence affords certainty that there are dark and terrible things upon the horizon.

The Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng has returned.

The winner of this tournament may select any one personality affiliated with his faction. That personality will be responsible for discovering the mask’s return to Rokugan, and will be among the first to realize what disaster looms upon the horizon.

World Championships Invitational: The Pearl Championship

A Storyline Event for the L5R CCG

Whispers have begun to reach Imperial City and the strongholds of the Great Clans of activities deep within the Shinomen Mori. The truth seems unbelievable, but can no longer be denied: the Naga are awakening once more. In previous generations, the Naga have been both valued allies and implacable foes of humankind, more often the former than the latter, but the recent activities of the Dark Naga have soured many on the true intentions of the strange serpent people who were so well known to their grandparents. That a new force with the power and military might of a Great Clan has suddenly appeared amid the people of the Empire is cause enough for many to be concerned, and the most powerful of the Divine Empress’s servants, the Emperor’s Chosen and the Jeweled Champions, have convened to determine how best to resolve the situation.

The winner of this tournament will determine the clan affiliation of the newly appointed Pearl Champion. This individual, granted authority by the other Jeweled Champions as well as their colleagues among the Emperor’s Chosen, is responsible for maintaining relations and familiarity with the Naga and their activities within the Empire. The Pearl Champion will be an active part of all Naga storylines and will become a prominent figure within the Empire, although there will be some who judge them because of their close association with a non-human

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