A Brother In Need

Cancer has taken its toll on the L5R community over recent months, and I have no doubt that many of you know someone who has personally been, or is, affected by the illness. I am writing to say that one of the long standing members of our community is currently battling cancer. Asahina Timaru, aka Tobias Schleiter, is now undergoing treatment.

Tobias has for years now been an administrator for the site, often quietly in the background, sometimes being quite active, but always being a passionate and loyal supporter of the Crane and our community. Now Tobias is able to cover the medical expenses associated with his battle, however there are many other expenses of living that fighting cancer, especially in the early stages of treatment, makes very difficult or impossible to cover.  So I asked Tobias if we could help, and while at first he graciously declined, I kept offering until he accepted. 🙂

So here I am, asking you to make a donation to help Tobias with the cost of living stuff over the coming months, so that it is easier for him to concentrate on kicking the cancer’s arse, instead of having to worry about everything. As a result until the end of June all donations made by clicking on the following button will be collected to help Tobias and his family at this time.

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