CCG Submissions

So you have a great card idea?
Here is how to submit it;

“All players who wish to possibly see their card ideas come to life are allowed to submit card designs to AEG. If you are going to do so, please send your idea to and include the following legal boilerplate.

I, ______________, understand and agree to the following terms:

Unsolicited artwork, story lines, character developments and other intellectual property (collectively “work”) received by AEG is considered a gift of all the donor’s rights, title and interest in and to the Work (including copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights) which Work is given to AEG for no consideration, and becomes the property of AEG. AEG is in no way responsible to pay any transfer fees, licensing fees, royalties or any other consideration to the donor.

Based on the above understanding, I hereby submit the enclosed Work.”

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