Community Page

Here is a list of many of the of Fan sites, Resource links, and online communities for Legend of the Five Rings.


Fantasy Flight Games – Website for FFG, owners of L5R. Check frequently new and Updates!

Five Rings DB – An Online deckbuilder and card database

Bushi Builder – An Online deckbuilder and card database

Kaze No Shiro – An archive of the Fictions for L5R.

Discord – A voice and text chat server. To join the sever use the code

Kolat Information Network –  A website featuring news and article for L5R

The Art of Bushido – A website with articles and interviews about the Art and Artists of L5R.

L5R Gamepedia – Wiki of New L5R Lore

L5R Wikia – Wiki of the old L5R Lore

Reddit– L5R Reddit page

Facebook Groups


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