Finding Clarity

Fantasy Flight has let made an announcement about their plans for the release of the Elemental Cycle, how that will effect Gencon, as well as when to look out for the next major news update!

  • June 28th: Breath of the Kami
  • July 5th: Tainted Lands
  • July 12th: The Fires Within
  • July 19th: The Ebb and Flow
  • July 26th: All and Nothing
  • August 2nd: Elements Unbound

Since tournament rules requires a product to be available for at least 11 days before being legal of official play, the last 2 packs (“All and Nothing” and “Elements Unbound”) will not be legal for Gencon.

Finally, a major announcement is scheduled for May 30th concerning Legend of the Five Rings.  There are no details about what this announcement may entail.

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