2015 Kotei Season - Icons

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Re: 2015 Kotei Season - Icons

Postby Doji Pheelyp » Fri May 01, 2015 6:21 am

Daidoji Tacticus wrote:Bear in mind, the story "prize" isn't just "a rift is created between the Crane and Lion, connected with the Tombs" it's "The Crane protect the Tombs from the impending badness, in a fashion that antagonises the Lion". Which, in this case, could be as simple as a Crane military unit defending it from attack without making elaborate apologies for the awful crime of Being Here While Crane, or perhaps defending it from attack using tactics the Lion would find shady. Or perhaps the Crane protect it and some important but tactless person remarks on how the Lion apparently need help to protect their most sacred site.

This sounds reasonable to me. :)
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