Tales From Winter Court

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Tales From Winter Court

Postby Kakita Shiro » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:15 pm

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The Crane Clan selected Kakita Kaezin as yojimbo to Doji Kuzunobu on his mission to the Fox Clan, selecting Seeker of Fire as our next role.

The Crab Clan have ordered a Yasuki samurai to investigate the silence from Ishigaki Province, selecting Keeper of Water as their next role.

The Dragon Clan allowed a Kitsuki samurai to join MIrumoto Hitomi and Togashi Mitsu to investigate the prophesies of Togashi Yokuni, selecting Seeker of Void as their next role.

The Lion Clan have assigned a Kitsu samurai to lead the Emerald Legion at Akodo Toturi's request, selecting Keeper of Earth as their next role.

The Phoenix Clan have sent an Asako samurai to locate Isawa Tadaka to return him to his duty as Elemental Master, selecting Keeper of Air as their next role.

The Scorpion Clan have chosen a Yogo samurai to enforce the will of Bayushi Shoju, selecting Seeker of Air as their next role.

The Unicorn Clan have appointed a Moto samurai to protect and lead Hisu Mori Mura, selecting Seeker of Water as their next role.
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