Conducting Business

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Conducting Business

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:20 pm

How This Works

We aim to keep the trading on the Crane Clan board friendly and easy for everyone to use, and as safe as we reasonably can.

To put up your own thread of what you have available for trade, please include [Trading] in your thread title. If you are selling card or posting to an ebay link, please include [Selling] in the title of your thread. This is just to allow people to scan quickly for which type of thread they are looking for. If you have both in your thread, put both.


[Trading] Prespector's CE trade list
[Selling] Prespector's Ebay sale's list

When a trade with another person goes through and is successful on this forum, post on the BAD/GOOD TRADER's thread with their site name and a +1. If the trade goes sour, you post their site name and a -1 and then an explanation of what happened. You are highly encouraged to leave feedback whether the trade is good or bad.

In the Trader Ranking threads you will find the ranking of every person who has used the system so far. A two trait system will be used, so you will see how much positive and negative feedback someone has.

If you only see positive feedback (no negative number), then the trader to date has no negative feedback, and it will only be listed once they have some.

Be sure to use the board, and to spread word around! The more people come to the Crane Trading board, the easier it will be to trade using it!

:bow: Have fun!
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