Trader Ranking (A-D)

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Trader Ranking (A-D)

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:23 pm


Ainthe +11
Comment: Good Trader
Comment: Again, great Trade.

Akodo_Hato +1

Aprilsrain +1

Asahina Dreamspoiler +12

Asahina Himoto +1

Asahina Kousei +1

Asahina Raido +2

Asahina Timaru +16
Comment: Patient and understanding (like a good parent)!
Comment: Not only did he hook me up with what I needed, he dumped a handful of old Cranes on me.
Comment:fast and serious !

Asahina Yoshi +6
Comment: Excellent Trader! Satisfied!
Comment: Also good trade. No complaints.

Asamori Yutaka +1


Bayushi Ju +7
Comment: Fast international shipping.
Comment: Great trade.Very fast trader. Cards arrived almost overnight.

Bayushi Sajura +10

Ben +37
Comment: Fast response, good condition on cards, and a hand written senimental thank you note.
Comment: Great trade, very fast turn around on the cards. Hand written thank you note, and some good value on groceries in the sales paper he added into the trade.
Comment: Easy trades, nice guy :) Fast postage and response time.

Benjoewoo +2

Brightblade +1
Comment: This guy's great. It was pleasure to trade with him. A+

Bysko +1
Comment: I'd give him a +2 cause he shipped his cards out without worrying if I had sent mine, and they arrived two days later. He was patient with me when family finances held up my shipping out until this past Monday.
Excellent trader and helped me on the path to my Complete Playset of Crane PersonalitiesTM.


Calvin -1
Complaint:Made the trade on oct 15. He asked me to wait a few days to send cards, so make sure he had the cards to trade.
Waited, mailed cards on the 16th, got confirmation from Calvin that he would mail the cards on the 18th.
On the 28th, I sent him a message stating the cards had not arrived. Got a reply that stated they had been sent, but he was not sure why they had not arrived.
Got a message on november 1st stating that he had previously sent me a message stating that they had been returned to him, and that he had been very busy, and that he would be reshipping them the following monday. I did not receive a message prior to this letting me know the cards had been returned to him.
Been almost a month, and I am now considering this a bad trade.

Corbeau +1

CrabEqualsSmash +1

D'Jarvis Neckbeard +1

Daerwyn +1
Comment: He shipped me a huge stack of Legacy Cranes including a Doji Satsume! He didn't ask for anything in return, but this was the awesome!THANKS!

Daidoji Dan +3

Daidoji Derek +32
Comment: Very fast, very involved in the trasaction, all-around perfect trade
Comment: Another solid trade. Quick, easy, and painless. Much like my love-life.

Daidoji Dodaiji +5

Daidoji_Kurushio +1
Comment: For being a solid Trader

Daidoji Maseru +1

Daidoji Masyuo +1

Daidoji Nutcase +3/-1
Comment: Good Trade. No complaints.
Complaint: Made the trade on February 3rd. Never saw any cards. He didn't reply to any pms I sent him. As much as I dislike it, I have to put this down as a bad trade.

Daidoji Ryushi +17
Comment: It rocked.
Comment: Very prompt. Good packaging.
Comment: Excellent Trader
Comment: Very Patient even when I made a mistake
Comment: Fast and serious. Thanks.
Comment: Always a pleasure with a cool dude like this!
Comment: awsome trader, a pleasure!
Comment: fast trade
Comment: Kept me updated on progress.. Thx

Daidoji Yuudai +2

Dare-chan +7
Comment: Speedy Delivery.

Deleau +3

Doji Ayaki +7

Doji Azai +3

Doji Bennyboy +1

Doji Gig +5

Doji Hoturi +2
comment: fast delivery and easy communication
Comment: Wow, these cards got here in better condition than when he sent them, they were packaged so safely!

Doji Kaiba +1

Doji Kisame -1
Complaint: this is my 1st deal abroad. I trade my 3x low stance and famous bazaar. send those stuff in Oct. 17 , 2009... the guy has been offline in our forum for almost a month from now

Doji Kousei +5
Comment: Good trade, quick from the UK.

DojiMaidori +10
Comment: excellent trade

Doji Kousei +3

Doji Saduharta +1

Doji_Shihunage +1

Doji Tetsuro +26
Comment: Fast, easy trade. Very good Trader.
Comment: Excellent Trader! No Complains! Fast!
Comment: Excellent Trader! Not a single Complain! Fast!
Comment: Happy!
Comment: Got nothing to complain about.
Comment: Very efficiant trade. Fast shipping.
Comment: Patient with a mistake I made.
Comment: A small delay in him getting stuff out; but he informed me of it, so no big deal.
Comment: Speedy Delivery.

Doji_Whatevv -2
Complaint: Never received my cards, have sent him multiple PMs with no response whatsoever to sort things out. Bad experience with him

Doji Yukimura +1

Doji Yumiko +1

Dough +1
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