Trader Ranking (I-L)

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Kakita Shiro
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Trader Ranking (I-L)

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:25 pm


Ikoma Ichigo +1


Jason Stever +2
Comment: Good and Fast

Jaze +2

Jips +1

Jordan +2 -1


kaiu_bombillo +2

Kakita_Akira +5
Comment: Great trader

Kakita Alister +3
Comment: Got the cards, in good condition and well packaged. Canadian postal service ain't got nothing on the germans, though
Comment:US to Canada is definetly slow.
But there was a problem, Alaster failed to keep his end of the bargain.

The deal: I get 1x unopened Unicorn deck, he gets 1x Dragon/Scorpion/ Phoenix unopened deck.

His excuse: He accidentally let his nephew open it.

I am unsatisfied with his excuse and believe it may be a fabrication.
Comment:the card was sent from Canada to Chile very fast

KakitaBamf +2

Kakita Benimaru +1

Kakita_Chire +1

Kakita Jeff +1

Kakita Jin +1

Kakita Kae +5

Kakita Kaezin +6
Comment: Things went smoothly, even across continents.
Comment: Excellent communication, highly recommended.

Kakita Kai +10

Kakita Kamiko +3

kakita karakkaze +3

Kakita Kasukaru +8

Kakita Kentei +3
Comment: Safe and fast. :)

Kakita Kizuku +31

Kakita Matt +6
Comment: It showed up well on time, if only my positing rating was as prompt.
Comment: Got a little trouble with the first copy of the card I sent but we worked out ok.
Great guy, very patient and understanding.

Kakita Mitsuhide +2

Kakita Ryotoshi +1
Comment:Very fast sending, cool guy, definatly trade with again

kakitashikawa +1

Kakita_Shimazu +1
Comment: He an absolutely awesome trader. Trade with him whenever you can!

Kakita_Shiro +15

Kakita Sogetsu +4

Kakita Stretch +4
Comment: Came in a sleeve, in a top loader, wrapped up, and then in an envelop. Awesome packaging!

Kakita Suzaku +4
Comment: Fast, Easy. Hotness Abounds.
Comment: Good Trader
Comment: Service with a smile, as always
comment: fast delivery and easy communication

Kakita_Taiyou +2

Kakita Tegome +1

Kakita Yoshihisa +1

Kakita Zaka +1

Kamui +1
Comment: Fast Trade

Kazuki +1

kei333 +12

Kit Kat +1

kitsu kizuku +19
Comment: Very fast shipping, good trader.

Kwanshu +4


LaTigra +1
Comment: Fastest Trader ever, Highly Recommended

Liberi +2
Comment: Things went smoothly, even across continents.
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