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Trader Ranking (M-P)

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:26 pm


Medalliah +2
Comment: Would give him more because it got here before I even expected it! Great to trade with
Comment: good trader, fast and very well protected envelope

MirumotoDaisuke +1

Moshi Kwanshu +2

Moto~Jin +3

Moto Masakage +1

Moto Muck +1

Mylastnerv +1


Naptime +1

nemesiswar +3
Comment: Excellent Trader. Very Satisfied.
comment: very good contact, lightning-fast delivery
Comment: Great trade. Super fast delivery. Great communication. Cards were shipped in toploaders and in pefect condition.

Nosilloc +1


oilcan +7
Comment: Fast Trader, good packaging
Comment: quick and easy! (The transaction, not the guy!)

oni_no_bondo +1

Otomo Kim +1


Prespector +9
Comment: slow delivery but... I BLAME THE MAIL SERVICE!!!
Comment: Canada -> US mail service is still slow
Comment: Canada -> US mail isn't so slow to NH
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