Trader Ranking (Q-T)

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Trader Ranking (Q-T)

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:26 pm



Rak$hasa +1

risucook +1
Comment: Excellent and fast trade

Robyn +1

Ryuan +7
Comment: Excellent trade. Fast, easy, and great packaging!

Ryzouken +1


sargonnas +4
Comment: Good Trader

Sensei_Ashinaga +1

Shiryo_no_Toraken +1
Comment: Good Trader

Shojuro +13
Comment: Comment: Another great trade from Senor Shojo.
Comment: Great trades with a nice guy. If we can make further deals, I'm your man !

Slaven +2

Suteru +3

Swampy +8


The First Toby +1

The Shogun +2

Togashi Ayame +1

Togashi CosmicD +2

Togashi Jinjei +2
Comment: Pleasure to deal with and fast shipping!

Togashi Lashujn +1

Togashi Shintaro +2

Toku Ishipekku +1
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