[Wanted] Stuff I want!

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[Wanted] Stuff I want!

Postby shoshuro_saker » Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:06 am

Hi, I am looking for:
Dark ring of (earth, fire, wind, water, void)
False ring of (air, void)
Famous Bazaar x at least 2.
Yotsu Doju x2
The new line in the sand sensei that gives plus 1 province strength and removes stronghold abilities.
(Looking forward to putting it on my ruined fortress and seeing what jade hand decides about honor victory and gold production on the stronghold, but itll still be base strength 12, yummy.)
Imperial Surveyor (until i can find the purple one below)
Moto Shin or Xin somebody xp that acts like Imperial Surveyor (planning to abuse the ruined keep of fu leng)
Seat of Power
Samurai Edition Pancake (clan champ, with honor loss for targeting at location)
Bamboo xp and Border xp for legacy.
Bayushi region that bows to negate honor loss.
Arms Smugglers x2
Foils, full bleeds preferred when available.
Corrupt Geisha House x3 (cause normal geishas are incorrupt)
Test of Sincerity x1
Debt to the Kaiu x2
Kolat Assasin x1
Jester x2

Kamis for Scorpion, Fu Leng.
Anything good for a Shahai deck. (Maybe a tetsuya ancestor)
Kaiu Endo x2
Shoshuro Haru x2
Kaiu something region that pulls out fortifications.
Kaiu Ancestor
Kusari-Gama x3
Brand of Cowardice x1
Chuda Hankyu x2
Chagatai's Armor
Blowdarts x3
Yoritomos Alliance box with the parakeet artwork and spend honor for gold ability.
Samurai edition Obsidian Dragon or similar.
Sentei no Oni x2
Sentei no Oni xp
Ogre Warriors x3
Ratling Conscripts x1
The First Shout x3
The Second Shout x3
The Third Shout x3
Most castle holdings, if foil I would love to trade for as well.

I mostly have older cards for trade, including clan swords, armors for carious clans.
Lots of old scorp stuff that I literally could not give away. Including classics like the False Hoturi, Soshi Angai, and so on.
So I may as well trade for things I want.
Also a ton of explosives... Taoist Archers, but easier to pm your needs list.

I also have a few tricycle honor counters .

Anyhow. P.M. me!

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