[TCT] A Fate Worse Than Death (Scorpion Event)

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[TCT] A Fate Worse Than Death (Scorpion Event)

Postby Kakita Shiro » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:49 am

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Re: [TCT] A Fate Worse Than Death (Scorpion Event)

Postby Masashigi » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:34 pm

A Fate Worse than Death isn't good, it cost to much, it probably never leaves the binder. No one is going to pay 4 fate for an event. It might be a 1x in some deck but Scorpion has better. All that Was said about AFWTD when it was previewed and early in cycle testing.

A few months later, people realize Scorpion don't need to play the Dynasty Phase part of the game, Yoshi makes it cost 2, and OMGWTF HOW DID THIS BS GET PRINTED. ITS BROKEN. RL NOW. SCORPION UNFAIR. Then it got restricted and kept getting played and people kept complaining, but the complaining slowed because it wasn't blowing people out, and now it just kinda sits in the storage method of your choice and comes out to play once in a while.

This is why card analysis is hard, and why everyone including me sucks at it. You can come up with whatever method you want to evaluate a card, but only testing and retesting at later dates will show the value of a card and if it has increased or decreased in value. So why read or listen to reviews, because its fun. However there are some basics imo that should be followed if you want to evaluate a card, 1. It should be done in a vacuum, if you are looking at a card you should be looking at that card, not the 23 other 3 drops your clan has, but that card. 2. Don't Evaluate a Meta, evaluate a card. A card doesn't suck because it doesn't fit in "Your Deck", or because X other card exist, or its magical fairy tell land and I always have every single answer to it in my provinces and hand at all times. Card Games don't work like that. You base the card on its cost, stats, ability, keywords/traits, not what else is there, or how if fits here, there, wherever. If you want to know how it actually does in a deck don't just spit out bs, actually go test it. 3. Reserved for future rules and rants. 4. Hindsight/Foresight shouldn't play a role in card analysis.

Now for the actual card review of AFWTD- Its a fair card. Its priced fairly, for the effects that it produces, it wraps up a bunch of stuff you would pay 1 fate and a card for and puts it all together for you in a nice neat package. Its not broken, its not garbage, its toxic, its a fair card. The reason it was so strong to start was because players were putting low fate on characters, and piling attachments on them, so it got rid of their one big threat, often as removing them in the fate phase because of the loss of fate and a void ring. Soon players started to pile many fate on a character and then many fate on another character, and a bunch of attachments on them all, so it lost its big blowout potential and just because kinda not good for the environment. Now half the clans are going swarm/wide and its not good for that kinda of environment. Its still a fair card, that one day comes off the RL, blows people out again, and the complaining starts anew.

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