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Good/Bad Transaction List

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:21 pm

If you trade successfully with a person, please put their full name(the one they use for this site) with a +1 next to it. Comments about the trade are optional here.

If something happens and the trade is unsuccessful, and you believe the other person delinquent or at fault for the bad trade experience, please put their full name(the one they use for this site), along with a -1. Comments are mandatory here, the more explanation...the better.

Please reply to this thread with the information required as above. As trades go through, and you post to this thread with the other trader's information, I will update the appropriate TRADER'S RANKING thread with their information. For each trade, there should be two traders updated(since it takes 2 people to trade). It is not the site's responsibility to make sure each trader makes the post to update the trader's ranking. We will, however, do our utmost to keep each trader's ranking updated.
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