Life Can Blow, but hey maybe everyone can benefit

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The Blackened Isawa
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Life Can Blow, but hey maybe everyone can benefit

Postby The Blackened Isawa » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:07 pm

I understand this will seem weird but I can provide references of players current and former who know of me and my reputation and how I maintain my collection upon demand

Due to unforeseen circumstances (mainly a stupid cat who decided he really wanted to rub himself against my laptop and knock over a glass of water onto it and frying the motherboard), and also havent playing in years. I have come to the difficult decision to sell of my collection. It is older cards and also a set of Death at Koten and Forgotten Legacy (which I did not list out card for card). I will be most likely placing all the cards up on ebay as well with low low starting bids. So with no further ado here is the list of cards that I currently went thru, there will be more added when I got thru another small box tonight most likely. If my math is right, its 414 listed cards and I probably will be starting them all at 1 buck a pop. If anyone would like to contact me about cards on here that works as well for me.

1x Acrobat Troupe
1x Expendable Resources
2x Shrine to Hotei
2x Tokus Grave
1x Holy Site
1x Plains of Resolution
3x Public Garden
7x A Warriors Patience
3x Arranged Guilt
1x Arrival of the Emerald Champion
4x Arrival of the Obsidian Champion
2x Banish all doubt
1x Battle Fatigue
6x Beloved of the Clan
3x Blanketed Forest
2x Burn the Village
1x Caught Unawares
4x Changing Path
2x Channeling Jigoku's Essence
5x Civility
3x Concealed Scroll
1x Control
2x Dance of blades
2x Dangerous Indulgence
1x Defensive Screen
1x Deflection
2x Discreet Retreat
1x Disfavored
1x Echoes of Disgrace
2x Enticement
1x Extensive Training
5x Fire on my Command
1x Flanked by Nightmares
4x Force of law
1x Fury of the Dark Lord
3x Games of Court
4x Half Breath Strike
2x Hamstrung
1x Hand of Osano Wo
1x Hasty Exit
3x Hold
2x Hold Them off
2x Immovable Object
1x Impressive Resilience
3x Insight
2x Kami Unleashed
1x Kata of the North Wind
2x Knowledge from within
2x Lead by Example
1x Lying in Ambush
1x Masked in Shadows
1x Master the Body
2x Mounting a Defense
1x One after another
2x One with the flameOverpowering Assualt
6x Perfect Aim
4x Phantom Blade Kata
2x Power Corrupting
1x Power of Innocence
7x Pragmatism
1x Private Whispers
3x Search for Survivors
1x Setting Sun Strike
1x Silent Rot
1x Speed of the Blade
1x Stand as one
1x Stare into the void
1x Strength of Will
5x Strike freom the shadows
1x Sudden Strike
2x Superior Mobility
4x Temporary Truce
2x The Last one
1x The Slow Death
1x The Thriving Light
1x The Trap is sprung
1x Timely Save
1x Travel Swiftly
7x Undone by truth
1x Unexpected Arrival
3x Unexpected Intimidation
1x Ultimate Sacrifice
2x Useful Connections
3x Vengeance Cannot Wait
6x Versatile Army
1x Walk in Shadows
2x Wedge
1x Weight of Numbers
2x Word of Fire
3x Dutiful Apprentice
6x Heavy Elite
1x Iron Gauntlet Brothers
2x Legion of Death
2x Legion of Toshigoku
1x Moonless Riders
3x Order of the Wooden Blade
3x Ronin Brotherhood
2x Seven Waves Mercenaries
1x Sister of the Sun
1x Snow Riders
1x Taoist Archer (foil)
1x Traveling Ronin
4x Wanyudo
2x Armor of the Heavens
2x Armor of Legacy
3x Blade of Guile
2x Chagatais Armor
1x Chain and Sword
2x Doji Armor
3x Fubatsu No-Dachi
4x Gift Armor
3x Hand of Jade Dragon
1x Hand of Obsidian Dragon
1x Layered Plates
3x Moto Kangs Sword
1x Rekai's Yumi
1x Talisman of Chikushudo
1x Talisman of Gaki-do
5x Talisman of Jigoku
2x Talisman of Maigo no Musha
1x Talisman of Meido
2x Tsuruchi's Legacy
1x In AIkunes Name
1x Consumption by fire
2x Heavens Tears
5x Suitengus Gateway
1x Touch of Death
2x Touch of the Infinite
1x Trust the Void
2x Unnatural Flood
5x Wander Among the Stars

4x Belly of Fudo
3x Debt Collector
1x Frontline Camp
2x Head of Fudo
1x Limbs of Fudo
3x Low Quality Mine
1x Plains of Resolutiuon
3x Temple to Tek'tik'kir
6x Assess Your Foe
1x Cycle of Heave
3x Delayed Conflict
3x Flanked on all sides
3x Imperial Drill
3x Lavish Gift
2x Lying in Ambush
3x Rallying the Recruits
3x Settling the Homeless
5x Superior Opponent
3x Swell the Ranks
3x Tanuki Tricks
3x Unwelcome Supervision
3x Biwa Player
9x Imperial Legionaries
6x Opportunistic Ronin
3x Plague of Flesh
3x Seppun Heavy Elite
2x Heart of Fudo
3x Iron Kabuto
5x My Grandfathers Daisho
3x Sasumata
1x Seiatsu
6x Spider Netsuke
3x Writ of Reprimand
8x Essence of the East Wind
3x Freedom of the Air
3x Grip of the Earth
7x The Elements Align

I am doing this to basically try and get a new laptop since I need it as a History/Poli Sci Double Major in my final sucks but maybe this can be beneficial for everyone

To the Mods, I didnt know where to place this due to it not being trades per say, so I placed it here....if I was wrong in this decision please let me know and I will try and fix it immediately.


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Re: Life Can Blow, but hey maybe everyone can benefit

Postby Kakita Shiro » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:19 pm

Trading for money is a type of trading. I moved it.
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The Blackened Isawa
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Re: Life Can Blow, but hey maybe everyone can benefit

Postby The Blackened Isawa » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:20 pm

I apologize for my mistake than. Thank you for moving it

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