Gates of Chaos: Art Focus

Gates is a set that differs a bit from prior ones I’ve directed in that a large number of the cards are 2012 Kotei results. This provided a lot of ground work for the descriptions based on names, locations or themes of the cards. As a result we have a set that shows off a lot of locals providing a visual tour. We have everything from slaves in the mines to vast temples uncovered in the jungle. With the art article coming out first this rotation, forgive me for talking around spoilers somewhat.

Total number of illustrations commissioned: 155
Number of artists used: 39 (Slightly lower than average)
New Artists: Nikolay Stoyanov, Jonathan Moore, Crystal Ben, Jazz Siy, Lino Drieghe, Mateusz Ozminski

Read the whole article on the official site here.

Daidoji Uji ExperiencedIn the section on the Crane, Adrian Burton mentions that we will see the return of an iconic armour from the Clan War era along with a trait hat explains it. There is only 1 suit of armour that leaps to mind with that description, the Shredder.

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