Public Letter From Doji Makoto

Samurai of the Empire,

As many of you may know by now, the shadow of violence has covered our holdings in the Colonies. Iweko Seiken and his supporters have taken control of the SecondCity. As a result of this, we have removed our presence from the Colonial capital and offered sanctuary at TwinForksCity to those who also protest this gross overreaction. That our closest allies among the Lion and Phoenix support the military occupation of the SecondCity is saddening, and I am especially alarmed that the Phoenix would participate in a naked show of force. Events in the Colonies have progressed even to the point that I have directed our forces there under the command of Daidoji Tametaka to work with the Mantis to promote stability in the region, even though we were so recently engaged in hostilities.

I have been in communication with the Empress’ second son, Iweko Shibatsu, since before these events took place. He shares my concern for the escalation of events in the Colonies, and hopes that through mediation peace will be restored. His cool head and understanding of the dangers posed by inter-clan warfare have impressed me greatly, and I would offer the support of the Crane Clan toward his attempts at mediation, unconventional as it may be.

Although our forces in the Colonies are outnumbered, I would encourage my clansmen to take heart, for the Crane are not unfamiliar with those circumstances. Although we have been at peace with the Lion for generations, we held them at bay for a thousand years of warfare before. The Lion may be overstepping their bounds in this conflict, but they are honorable and wise. They know the dangers of the Crane when we are threatened and must defend our lands. I am certain that, once cooler heads prevail, the Crane will be at the forefront of restoring civility to the untamed Colonies.

Doji Makoto

Published through The Imperial Herald

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