Thunderous Acclaim!

Wild applause! The new Emperor takes the throne, to the acclaim of all. Hopeful eyes look to the future with promises of a new golden dynasty bringing peace and prosperity to the land. But not all is as it seems. Rivalries between the Clans threaten to flare anew.

Rumblings from the Mantis islands imply a looming threat that only they seem to recognize. Only one thing is certain: the future is coming… and all of Rokugan will tremble before it!

But wait! Instead of the information overload that was The New Order and Twenty Festivals previews, there will be a slightly more regulated release through the Clan forums again! By virtue of being alphabetically early, the Crane Clan will see their previews and an associated strategy article before the majority!

THA will be included in prize kits for June Koteis, and it hits stores in early July and will be legal for Gen Con events. For those of you fighting to wed Kakita Kae (or any Crane bride) to Iweko-heika, the plan is to permit proxies of THA for that event.

For more information, please reference the official Imperial release here.

Utz! Lots of exclamation points!

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