What is to come



Kakita Onimaru here. As many have no doubt heard by now, AEG has sold Legend of the Five Rings to Fantasy Flight Games and will be going into a 2 year hiatus. Announcement can be found here;



What does that mean? Well, no one really knows yet. As I understand it the details are still being worked out by the company’s. Anything beyond the information posted above is pure speculation at this point. But I will say this: Home of the Crane Clan is not going anywhere. So long as there is a community for the Crane Clan, old or new, I will do everything I can to keep these boards up and operational.

An L5R section for L5R has been added to the FFG forums here;



Already there is discussion being had about the future of the game. I encourage everyone to go there and let FFG know what it is you love about L5R and the Crane Clan in particular. I do not know what the future holds for the game, the clan, or the awesome community we have. But I want everyone to know that so long as there are people who love L5R and the Crane Clan, you will always have a home here.



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